Brij Gupta, DVM, PhD
Founder and CEO

Brij Gupta is the founder and CEO of Arsiya Investments LLC. He is a Veterinarian and owns Dr. Gupta Veterinary Care PLLC. He is also a Entrepreneur, a multifamily syndicator and a managing partner for his multifamily portfolio. He has been working in the Real Estate Industry for the past 5 years. Brij owns two single family houses and has invested in 1300 doors consisting 6 multifamily deals. Brij is very passionate about Multifamily Real Estate Investments. ​Brij prides himself on building long-term relationships with investors and partners to provide good investment returns to investors. Brij lives in Denton, Texas for past six years with his wife and two adorable kids. Please feel free to contact him to learn more about his recent multifamily offerings for your passive income.